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KLD's Portfolio Advisor's Screening Service (KLD PASS) is a new portfolio management tool that enables financial advisers to apply social and environmental criteria to their clients' investment portfolios quickly and easily.
KLD PASS allows you to evaluate:
  • over 3,000 publicly traded companies
  • a company's involvement in controversial business operations such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons manufacturing, adult entertainment, etc.
  • the performance of companies in the following areas: environment, community involvement, diversity, employee relations, product, and non-U.S. operations
KLD PASS gives you the ability to:
  • review one company at a time
  • create multiple customized portfolios that reflect your clients' values
  • easily monitor changes in a company's pass/fail status based on each client's social criteria
  • keep up with the latest social investment and corporate responsibility news

Contact us to receive a marketing package and more information about KLD PASS at



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