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Pax World Funds (PXWGX)
General Fund Information
30 Penhallow Street - Suite 400 Portsmouth, NH 03801
Category:Domestic Equity Funds
Assets: ($ millions)$155.6

Account min.:$1,000
Reinvest. min.:$50
IRA account min.: 
IRA reinvest min.: 
Max. defer. load:0.00%
Max. front load:0.00%
Avg. P/E:23.13
Avg. P/B:7.47
Avg. YTM: 
Avg. Coupon Rate: 
Fund Description
The Pax World Growth Fund seeks long-term growth of capital. The Fund follows a Sustainable Investing approach and invests primarily in equity securities of companies that have demonstrated growth in earnings and sales, high returns on equity and assets or other strong financial characteristics. These companies tend to have a unique market niche, a strong new product profile or superior management. The Fund seeks to invest in forward-thinking companies with sustainable business models that meet positive environmental, social and governance standards.
Social Issues08/31/18
Shareholder activism:YES
Community investment:-
Human rights:P
Products and Services:P
Animal testing:R
Nuclear power:X
Alcohol, tobacco & gambling:X/X/X

P =Positive screen: seeks companies with positive record
X =Exclusionary screen: avoids companies with poor record
"-"sign in the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gambling column indicates no screen for this specific criteria
Sector Distribution 
Cap. Goods & Tech.31.46% 
Consumer Cyclicals4.82% 
Consumer Non-Cyclicals19.54% 
Fund Performance08/31/18
Year to date: 8.44%
Year to date: 8.44%
1 Year: 18.58%
Annualized returns:
3 Year: 13.39%
5 Year: 13.05%
10 Year: 9.76%
Since inception: 5.70%
Inception date: 06/11/97
Bear Market: -20.09%
Bear Market Period:     —    
MPT Statistics08/31/18
Alpha 3YR:-2.49
Alpha 5YR:-1.63
Beta 3YR:1.01
Beta 5YR:1.03
R. Squared 3YR:96.79
R. Squared 5YR:95.63
Sharpe 3YR:1.31
Sharpe 5YR:1.24
Std. Dev. 3YR:10.04
Std. Dev. 5YR:10.04
Sectors Pie Chart 
Sector Distribution Chart


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