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Mutual Funds / Mutual fund performance

Investors Challenge Mutual Funds on Proxy Voting (01/20)
Sustainable investment firms respond to update by Ceres by pressuring mutual funds on their proxy voting records relating to climate change. Second in a two-part series.

Many Large Mutual Funds Continue Failure to Address Climate Change (01/07)
Ceres updates its annual report on voting climate-related resolutions by mutual funds, noting that several PRI signatories failed to support a single resolution in 2016. First in a two-part series.

Impact Measurement Can Drive Business Value (08/26)
The Global Impact Investing Network surveys impact investors and learns that in addition to environmental and social benefits, measuring their investments can improve financial performance.

Community Capital Management a Top Fund Performer in 2015 (01/23)
The fund tracker Morningstar ranks the performance of the firm's fixed income investment product among the top one percent of 309 funds in the intermediate government category.

EarthFolio Launches First Robo-Advisor for Sustainable Investors (10/30) talks with Art Tabuenca, founder of Blue Marble Investments and EarthFolio, about the development of the first online investment platform specifically dedicated to sustainable investing.

Report Details Impact Investment Opportunities in East Africa (08/12)
The Global Impact Investing Network and Open Capital Advisors publish a country by country analysis of impact investing activity in the region.

No Financial Sacrifice in Sustainable Investing (03/30)
The Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing analyzes thousands of sustainable mutual funds and separately managed accounts, and finds that most meet or exceed the performance of traditional investments.

Sustainable Investment Firms Offer Guide to Fossil Fuel Investing (12/29)
Along with, Green Century Capital Management and Trillium Asset Management update a guide for investors who want to divest from fossil fuel companies and reallocate their assets to sustainability.

Sustainable Assets Up by 76% Since 2012 (11/28)
The biennial Trends Report by US SIF reveals that consideration of environmental, social, and corporate governance factors by money managers has contributed to sustainable assets in the US that now total $6.57 trillion.

Third National Climate Assessment Published (05/06)
In its new report, the US Global Change Research Program asserts that the effects of climate change have already become a present day concern, and announces the launch of a website to help Americans receive reliable scientific information.

News Briefs for March 26th (03/26)
Trillium Asset Management withdraws shareowner proposal on political spending at Hess, and Calvert Investments wins Lipper Fund Award.

Book Review: Green Investing: More Than Being Socially Responsible, by J. Patrick Costello (03/10)
The author, a Certified Financial Planner, provides both financial justification for the practice of sustainable investment as well as a primer on investing for the typical investor.

Banks Announce Support for Green Bond Principles (01/14)
Thirteen investment banks indicate their support for a measure designed to ensure transparency, disclosure, and integrity in the development of a more robust green bond market.

New Stock Indexes Champion Sustainability (09/27)
The United Nations Global Compact creates an index of 100 companies adhering to its principles, and STOXX launches two indexes using key performance indicators developed by Axel Hesse.

Alliance Trust Investments Measures Carbon Footprints of its Funds (08/29)
The UK investment firm’s analysis reveals that three of its sustainable equity funds emit less than half the carbon dioxide of their benchmarks.

Sustainable Investment Firms Comment on Fed Plan to Ease Stimulus (08/28)
The Appleseed Fund expresses some skepticism of the Federal Reserve's optimistic outlook, while Green Century Capital Management highlights the World Bank Green Bonds as part of a diversified portfolio.

More than $90 Million Invested in SJF Ventures Fund (05/04)
SJF Ventures, a sustainable venture capital partnership, conducts the final closing of its SJF Ventures III fund with more than $90 million in equity investments in cleantech and technology-enhanced services.

On Divestment and a Portfolio Free of Fossil Fuels (04/05)
The debate over the investment implications of divestment continues, but the Green Century Balanced Fund has a carbon footprint less than half that of the S&P 500 without sacrificing financial returns.

What Is the Real Financial Impact of Sustainable Investment? (03/06)
Cary Krosinsky of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets produces a white paper that argues the actual amount of assets devoted to sustainable investment strategies is considerably lower than reported by the world's largest sustainable investment forums.

Sustainable Investment Assets Continue Growth in Canada (01/17)
The biennial report by the Social Investment Organization of Canada reveals that sustainable assets under management now represent 20% of the total.

European Sustainable Funds Hold Own in 2012 (01/11)
The twelfth annual study of Green Social and Ethical Funds in Europe by Vigeo Italia notes that consolidation of the industry has continued for a third year.

Major Stock Market Indexes can Elevate ESG Risk for Investors (12/13)
A study by GMI Ratings analyzes the environmental, social, and corporate governance performance of major stock market indexes, and finds that most perform poorly against the research firm's normative distribution.

FairPensions Calls on UK Ethical Funds to Adopt Positive Screening and Increase Corporate Engagement (12/10)
A survey of nineteen UK-based ethical funds finds that most continue to rely on negative screening of sin stocks, and few have committed to shareowner engagement with corporations.

US SIF Publishes Biennial Sustainable Investment Trends Report (11/24)
The 2012 Trends Report notes a total of $3.74 trillion in assets allocated to sustainable investment, a 22% increase over a two-year period.

Community Capital Management Invests over $4 Million on Behalf of Sustainable ETF (11/21)
The Florida-based fixed income investment manager, one of the portfolio managers for the AdvisorShares Global Echo exchange-traded fund, invests in projects that promote job creation and provide housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

Sustainable Large Caps Outperform MSCI World Index (07/16)
An analysis by oekom research finds that investment in corporations designated by it as Prime Portfolio Large Caps can yield returns more than double that of those listed on the MSCI World benchmark.

2011 Sees Record Installations for Wind and Solar (03/16)
Clean Edge's 2012 trends report forecasts that the expansion of renewable technologies, which successfully weathered the economic downturn, will continue through 2021.

Zevin Asset Management Grows into a Corporate Engagement Powerhouse (02/28)
The Boston-based investment manager, with $335 million in assets under management, has co-filed 14 shareowner resolutions for the 2012 proxy season.

Generation Investment Management Calls for Sustainable Capitalism by 2020 (02/22)
The firm expands upon a manifesto written by co-founders Al Gore and David Blood and calls for mandatory integrated reporting and the pricing of externalities, an end to quarterly earnings guidance, and loyalty-drive securities for long-term investors.

Interview: Cary Krosinsky, Editor of Evolutions in Sustainable Investment (02/03) talks with Krosinsky about the challenges to as well as the inevitability of a mainstream uptake of sustainable investing strategies.

Corporate Knights Publishes Eighth Annual Ranking of Sustainable Companies (01/25)
Danish pharmaceutical firm Novo Nordisk tops the 2012 Global 100 and the United Kingdom leads countries with 16 companies on list.

Investors Advised to Increase Climate-Sensitive Allocations and Engage with Companies and Policymakers on Climate Change (01/11)
Mercer follows up groundbreaking 2011 study of the economic costs of climate change with a survey of the climate change-related investment strategies of institutional investors.

Pax World Appoints New Portfolio Manager for Global Women's Equality Fund (01/10)
Ivka Kalus-Bystricky will lead Pax World's Global Women's Equality Fund, which invests primarily in large-cap companies that promote gender equality and women's advancement.

New Report Surveys Current State of Impact Investing (12/16)
The Global Impact Investing Network finds that impact investors often provide debt investments to microfinance institutions in emerging markets, but provides little to distinguish the practice from sustainable investing.

Green Retrofits Outpace New Construction for First Time (12/10)
The US Green Building Council says that LEED-certified square footage of existing buildings now exceeds that of new construction.

Why the Newsweek Green Rankings are Important (10/18) talks with Cary Krosinsky of Trucost about the methodology and the significance of the findings of this year's results.

Munich Re and IBM Lead Companies in Newsweek's 2011 Green Rankings (10/17)
IBM moves up from third place finish last year to first in US, and HP ranks second for second year in row; Dell drops from first to fifth, and Munich Re tops list of global companies.

Billion Dollar Green Challenge to Universities: $1 Billion in Green Energy Investments (10/15)
32 universities already commit $65 million to self-managed green revolving funds.

News Corp, Nine Other Firms Singled out for Poor Governance (10/14)
GMI Risk List highlights ten companies with poor governance issues and other ESG-related concerns.

SRI in the Rockies: Moskowitz Prize Winner Presents Paper (10/11)
Co-author Sadok El Ghoul explains how corporate social responsibility lowers cost of equity.

Asian Companies Show Improvement in ESG Reporting (10/06)
As sustainable investors increasingly turn their attention to emerging markets, EIRIS finds that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance by Asian companies needs improvement.

Winner of 2011 Moskowitz Prize for Socially Responsible Investing is Announced (10/03)
The winning paper, announced tonight at SRI in the Rockies, finds that cost of equity capital is lowered for companies with good corporate social responsibility practices.

CalPERS to Quadruple Investment in California Infrastructure (09/17)
Pension fund earmarks $800 million for investments of at least $150 million in infrastructure projects that support essential community services.

Sustainable Initiatives Supported by Fixed Income Investing (09/08)
A white paper from Community Capital Management describes five categories of fixed income investments that can support environmental and social goals while providing competitive returns.

Real Estate Industry Demonstrates Benefits of Energy Efficiency (09/03)
The findings of a report by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Foundation suggest that real estate funds and companies have improved their environmental performance since 2009.

Trucost Environmental Data to Reach More Investors (08/19)
The environmental research provider partners with FactSet to add environmental risk management to the financial research company's offerings to clients.

New Research Supports Outperformance of ESG Portfolios (08/08)
A white paper by RCM studies data compiled by MSCI ESG Research and finds that a portfolio comprised of best-in-class companies outperforms benchmark over five years.

Investors to Obama and Congress: Raise the Debt Ceiling (07/29)
A group of asset managers and owners warn that inaction could lead to a downgrading of US debt and threaten the savings of pension plan beneficiaries.

Is the Carbon Bubble About to Burst? (07/28)
The Carbon Tracker Initiative finds that if global warming is to be contained, 80% of fossil fuels must remain unburned, leaving asset owners with holdings in the fossil fuels industries at risk.

Investment in Renewable Energy Up in 2010 (07/11)
The annual survey by the UN Environment Program of investment in renewable energy technologies finds a 32% increase in 2010, to $210 billion.

Tracking Error, Benchmarks, and Sustainable Investment Performance (07/02) talks with George Gay of First Affirmative Financial Network about the performance of sustainable and responsible investment portfolios.

Don't Believe in Climate Change? Then Adapt for Competitive Reasons. (06/24) talks with Hunter Lovins, author of Climate Capitalism and President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, about the business opportunities presented by adaptation to climate change.

Report Describes Ten Years of the FTSE4Good Index Series (06/09)
The groundbreaking index series, launched by FTSE and EIRIS in 2001, has led to improved ESG performance of companies through evolving standards and corporate engagement.

Report Studies Impact Investing in Emerging Markets (06/07)
Responsible Research finds that while challenges to effective measurement of social and financial benefits persist, the opportunities for impact investors in emerging markets are likely to grow.

Community Investing Fixed-Income Fund Reaches $1 Billion in Assets under Management (11/22)
Community Capital Management's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Qualified Investment Fund has invested over $3 billion in community development activities.

EarthFolio Screens the Big SRI Picture (03/11)
New investment site offers fully managed SRI portfolios for every type of investor, from timid to tenacious.

Whistling Past the Graveyard—Socially Responsible Investing and the Financial Crisis (12/31)
SRI thought leaders analyze the potential impacts of the widespread economic downturn caused by the subprime meltdown and deflating dollar.

The Subprime Meltdown and SRI: Engage, Avoid, Predict (09/12)
Shareowner activists engaged banks on predatory lending long before the subprime crisis climaxed, and SRI research predicted the meltdown in time to avoid some impacts.

Seeing Retirement Investment Through Green-colored Glasses (06/30)
A new report shows that Americans have more SRI retirement choices than ever before, but it remains to be seen if people chose to put their savings in socially and environmentally screened funds.

Canadian SRI Assets Leap to More Than $500 Billion Canadian (04/03)
A new survey from the Social Investment Organization shows Canadian SRI assets ballooning thanks to increased institutional interest and new methodology.

Carrying the Shield for Responsible Investing in Canada (03/14)
Corporate Knights magazine names top Canadian SRI mutual funds and releases survey that finds SRI funds mirror market performance.

Winslow Conservation Index Outperforms the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 (10/25)
Winslow Management Company back-tested five-year performance of 15 companies focused on conservation, an oft-overlooked component of the alternative energy equation.

Alternative Energy Revolution Fueled by New Fund Launches Despite Sector Downturn (08/17)
The launch of the Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund testifies to optimism about the sub-sector echoed by the launch of the first renewable energy hedge fund by Ardsley Partners.

Trillium Takes the Reins from Winslow in Managing the Green Century Balanced Fund (07/24)
The transition in portfolio managers has shifted the fund back to its roots as a core portfolio holding by reducing risk and diversifying holdings across the multi-cap space.

Parnassus Small Cap Fund Identifies Unique Sustainability Characteristics to Outperform Russell 2000 (07/19)
While the introduction of the Parnassus Workplace Fund a year ago piqued interest, the Parnassus Small Cap Fund unveiled at the same time is turning heads with strong financial performance.

Does Trucost Measurement of Corporate Carbon Footprints Reduce Environmental Impacts? (07/03)
Trucost ranks the carbon intensity in UK portfolios, arguing for overweighting companies with lower carbon footprints to reduce ecological impact while maintaining performance.

Canadian SRI Funds Perform On Par with Mainstream Funds (06/21)
A survey of Canadian socially responsible investing funds finds a broad range of rigorousness in assessing corporate social and environmental sustainability.

Winslow and Jupiter Launch Global Green Fund Using Only Positive Environmental Criteria (06/12)
The Jupiter Green Investment Trust pioneers cross-continent collaboration and evolution from negative screening to positive sustainability criteria.

Student-Managed Socially Responsible Investing Fund Outperforms the Market (05/05)
The faculty advisor to the Arnone-Lerer SRI Fund at Villanova University attributes a quarter of the outperformance to environmental, social, and governance factors.

Amana Funds Continue Strong Performance (03/31)
The Amana Funds' Islamic principles coincide with sound investment strategies that have helped fuel strong financial performance over the past three years.

A Serendipitous Match: Davis Advisors Takes Over MMA Praxis Core Stock Fund (03/16)
The portfolio holding of Wal-Mart exemplifies (oddly enough) how both Davis Advisors and MMA Praxis emphasize the importance of stewardship and shareowner empowerment.

In the Year of the Oil Boom, Some SRI Funds Look Elsewhere for Strong Performance in 2005 (01/24)
The top-performing socially responsible investing funds compared to their category peers (SRI and non-SRI alike) drew strong performance from pharma, tech, and financials.

Solar Energy Helps Fuel Socially Responsible Investing (12/15)
Managers from Winslow Green Growth Fund, New Alternatives Fund, and Portfolio 21 discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing in solar power.

Calvert World Values Fund Tackles Challenges of International Socially Responsible Investing (11/29)
The fund delivers double-digit three-year returns for shareholders while screening for corporate environmental, social, and governance performance in international and emerging markets.

Counting Stars: Top Morningstar Ratings Bespeak Strong Performance for SRI Funds (11/01)
Of the 60-odd broadly-screened socially responsible investing funds tracked by, three earn 5-star ratings and 12 earn 4-star ratings from Morningstar.

Rising Oil Prices Fuel Investment Returns in Renewable Energy for New Alternatives Fund (10/14)
The first environmental mutual fund is also globalizing its reach to capitalize on innovative developments in alternative energies in other countries.

SRI Utilities Fund Flicks Switch to Power Strong Returns (10/07)
The Flex-funds Total Return Utilities Fund uses environmental and social screening in addition to fundamental analysis to identify sustainable utilities.

A Next Generation SRI Strategy: The Henderson Industries of the Future Fund (09/13)
By extending to its entire portfolio a focus on ten sustainability industries, Henderson has conceived of a novel approach to socially responsible investing.

Winslow Green Growth Fund: On the Rise Again (08/03)
Following up on its stellar 2003 performance, the environmentally-focused fund is again significantly outperforming its peers and benchmark.

Women's Equity Mutual Fund Supports Businesswomen Through Screening and Now Microfinance (06/17)
Subadvisor Walden Asset Management provides research on how companies treat women, and Blue Orchard Finance provides a new securitized product supporting microfinance institutions.

Catching a Rising Knife: Sophia Collier Manages the Citizens Value Fund (05/20)
Whereas former portfolio manager Shelly Meyers tried to catch falling knives, Ms. Collier shifted to a more conservative strategy that has generated much better returns.

Ethical Funds Hires Manning & Napier to Manage Its North American Equity Fund (05/19)
Former portfolio manager Alliance Capital Management got the boot due to poor performance and a lack of diverse strategies to navigate market cycles.

MMA Praxis International Fund Buoyed by Strong Performance in Global Markets (02/25)
Growth is concentrated in sectors and companies that are excluded by social and environmental screens.

2004 Socially Responsible Investment Fund Performance (01/14)
Of the broadly-screened SRI mutual fund tracked by, two earned over 20 percent returns, and six others joined them in outperforming more than 80 percent of their SRI and non-SRI peer funds.

Moskowitz Prize Study Removes Doubt Over Link Between Strong Corporate Social and Financial Performance (10/26)
The study analyzes over 50 published studies on corporate social performance and corporate financial performance, and finds an unambiguous positive relationship.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes Add General Electric and Drop Electrolux (09/03)
The annual change in the DJSI is based on recent assessment of corporate economic, environmental and social performance.

CRAFund Goes Retail (08/10)
Formerly available only to institutional investors, the Community Reinvestment Act Qualified Investment Fund is now available to individuals through Charles Schwab.

Two Socially Responsible Investing Funds Generate Double-Digit Year-to-Date Returns (07/21)
The Ariel Fund and the Pax World Growth Fund perform well in the first half of this year.

Socially Responsible Index Funds: Passive Management Means Less Expense (03/11)
SRI index funds offer competitive performance with lower expense compared to actively managed SRI funds.

CRA Fund Helps Transform Environmental Liabilities Into Social Assets (02/12)
The CRA Fund supports environmental remediation of brownfield sites, helping transform them into socially beneficial projects.

French SRI Assets and Funds Grow in 2003 (01/29)
Novethic documents growth in the number of socially responsible investing funds available in France, as well as the amount of SRI assets under management.

Gazing in the Crystal Ball: 2004 Preview of Socially Responsible Investing Performance (01/16)
An overview of the trends that may affect SRI performance in the year ahead, among other issues to mull over when considering socially responsible investment.

SRI Domestic Equity Funds Edged Out By Their Non-SRI Counterparts in 2003 (01/15)
Socially responsible investment domestic equity mutual funds slightly lagged their non-SRI counterparts, while the Calvert Social Index outpaced the S&P 500 for the year.

Top Five Social Investing News Stories of 2003 (12/19)
The major social investing news stories of the year include SEC reforms, stock exchanges mandating social, environmental, and corporate governance practices, and climate risk assessment defined as a fiduciary duty.

Australian SRI Funds Outperform Their Benchmark Over the Short- and Long-Term (11/19)
A new AMP Henderson report finds Australian socially responsible investing outperforms the S&P/ASX 200 over one-, two-, three-, and five-year periods.

Social Investment Forum’s Trends Report Tracks Rises and Falls in SRI (11/05)
Assets in screened portfolios grew since 2001, while overall assets in socially responsible investments fell during the same time period, according to SIF’s 2003 Trends Report.

Moskowitz Prize-Winning Study Correlates Lower Corruption With Higher Shareowner Value (10/31)
The Social Investment Forum awards its annual Moskowitz Prize to a study that correlates lower political corruption with higher corporate value in international markets.

Vanguard Fund Generates Strong Returns by Replicating the Calvert Social Index (10/24)
The Vanguard Calvert Social Index Fund outperformed more than four-fifths of its peers in the overall US mutual fund universe with similar investment styles over the past year.

SRI Money Market Accounts Earn Competitive Financial Returns (09/24)
In addition to offering social and environmental returns, socially responsible investing money market accounts generate competitive financial returns compared to their non-SRI counterparts.

Ave Maria Funds Promote Catholic Values Through Morally Responsible Investing (09/12)
Ave Maria Mutual Funds, which screen abortion, pornography, non-marital partner benefits, and Planned Parenthood contributors, represent another side of SRI.

Critics Find Study of SRI Underperformance Fundamentally Flawed (08/01)
A recent Wharton School study that finds underperformance by socially responsible investment mutual funds is based on an unsound research design, according to critics.

A High Flyer and a Smooth Sailer Top SRI Equity Funds (07/31)
Two socially responsible investment equity funds place in the first and second percentiles of their peer funds over a five-year period.

Two Environmental SRI Funds Generate Attractive Returns (06/13)
In the midst of a stagnant economy, two SRI funds that invest in environmental best performers have generated year-to-date returns in the 20- to 35-percent range.

The Benefits and Obstacles of Switching to Socially Responsible Investing (05/02)
One investor's story of the process of shifting mainstream investments into socially responsible investment mutual funds (part one of a two-part article).

Simulated Institutional SRI Portfolios Continue to Outperform Benchmarks (04/30)
Institutional investors take note: four out of five mock portfolios in the Triple Bottom Line Simulation performed better than their benchmarks over the last three quarters

Healthy Living Sector Produces Healthy Returns (04/10)
Two SRI funds find common ground in their success from investing in the healthy living sector.

When Lightning Strikes: Portfolio 21 Applies The Natural Step's Sustainability Theories (04/03)
Portfolio 21 applies environmental screens based on the principles of the Natural Step, which promotes sustainability.

Tobacco-Free Investments Avoid an Industry of Smoke and Mirrors (03/20)
As court cases related to deception by the tobacco industry mount, individual and institutional investors have options for avoiding exposure to tobacco stocks.

Three-Year Mutual Fund Performance Bodes Well for SRI Mutual Fund Firms (02/04)
Huge net inflows at several SRI mutual fund firms result in overall net inflow for all SRI mutual funds.

Top Five Social Investing News Stories of 2002 (01/14)
The major social investing news stories of the year include significant corporate governance reforms and the success of community investment.

Presbyterian Funds Honor Their History in SRI by Performing Well in the Present (12/19)
New Covenant Funds, which trace its SRI roots back well beyond its 1999 inception date, offers several mutual funds that have been performing better than their peers.

SRI Mutual Funds Go Low-Tech (11/20)
SRI mutual funds that invest in large-capitalization companies weather the bear market by avoiding sagging technology holdings.

SRI Index Fund Uses Overweighting and Underweighting to Fully Replicate S&P 500 (10/29)
Instead of screening companies in or out of the Total Social Impact Fund, this enhanced index fund concentrates its holdings in positive social and environmental performers.

Screening the Gambling Sector from High Yield Investments Can Be Tricky (10/16)
Screening out gaming sector investments from high yield portfolios presents challenges, including identifying private gaming companies and controlling tracking errors.

Innovative Community Investment Fund Attracts Institutional Investors (10/02)
The CRA Qualified Investment Fund, originally established to help banks fulfill a federal mandate for community investment, now appeals to a broader range of institutional investors.

SRI Income Funds Yield Competitive Dividends (08/22)
Often overlooked, SRI income funds allow social investors to diversify their portfolios.

Investors Continue to Put Money into SRI Mutual Funds (08/01)
While U.S. diversified mutual funds are experiencing significant net outflows in response to the corporate scandals, SRI mutual funds are experiencing net inflows.

Conference to Consider the Business Case for SRI (07/29)
Institutional investors will discuss SRI at the Green Mountain SRI Summit, to be held in Stowe, Vermont in September.

SRI Mutual Funds Will Endure the Crisis in Confidence (07/23)
Socially responsible mutual funds are different from other mutual funds, and those differences help SRI mutual funds achieve competitive returns over the long term.

SRI Simulations Beat Benchmarks (06/26)
The Triple Bottom Line Simulation demonstrates to institutional investors how socially responsible investing generates positive financial, social, and environmental returns.

Two Large-Cap Funds Outperform the S&P 500 (06/20)
The Calvert Social Equity Fund and the Neuberger Berman Socially Responsive Fund are outperforming their benchmark over the short and mid term.

Two More Social Mutual Funds Top the Billion-Dollar Mark in Assets (05/16)
The Ariel Fund and the Ariel Appreciation Fund reap the rewards of consistent performance.

Two Balanced Social Funds Outperform Over the Longer Term (04/12)
The Pax World Balanced Fund and The Green Century Balanced Fund beat over 90 percent of their peers over a five-year period.

Social Index Funds Mirror Their Benchmarks (03/15)
Social index funds had a difficult year as benchmarks fell.

Institutional Investors Try Their Hand at Socially Responsible Investing (03/06)
The Triple Bottom Line Simulation tracks hypothetical investments to demonstrate socially responsible investment performance.

Two Equity Funds Illustrate Diverse Definitions of Success in This Unstable Market (02/25)
The Women's Equity Mutual Fund and the Parnassus Equity Income Fund both performed well over the past year, though each attributes success to different factors.

Two International Social Funds Weather Turbulent 2001 (01/24)
International mutual funds lost money last year, but two socially responsible international funds held their ground within the broader world equity fund market.

Top Five Social Investing News Stories of 2001 (01/08)
Among the major social investing news stories of the year, social mutual funds continued to bust poor performance myths, and governments and shareowners pushed companies on sustainability and corporate social responsibility issues.

Value Funds Enhance Their Value (12/19)
Valuation-oriented social funds perform well amidst mixed financial markets after the exuberance of the last two years.

SIF Reports on Socially Responsible Investment Growth in the U.S. (11/30)
In its biennial report, the Social Investment Forum documents modest gains in socially responsible investments.

Bond Funds Thrive in the Bear Market (11/26)
The Calvert Social Bond fund and the Aquinas Fixed Income fund perform well both in the short and long term, stabilizing portfolios in this unstable market.

Some Funds Take More of the Rise Than the Fall (08/23)
Three socially responsible equity funds deliver peer-beating performance over a three-year period.

Large- and Medium-cap Social Mutual Funds Are Beating Their Peers (07/19)
One large-cap and two medium-cap socially responsible funds are near the head of the pack when compared to similar funds for one-year performance.

Top Tenners - Social Mutual Funds that Sing (06/14)
Four social mutual funds are in the top ten percent for financial performance for a one-year period when compared to similar funds.

Winslow Launches New Green Mutual Fund (05/16)
The Winslow Green Growth Fund will seek small- and mid-cap companies with superior environmental performance.

Socially Responsive Fund Beats its Peers in First Quarter (04/23)
Neuberger Berman's sole social offering does better than most in a down market.

Looking at the Longer Term in a Volatile Market (04/16)
Three social funds shine in their performance over the last three and five years.

The Ariel Fund Finds Value in a Down Market (03/26)
Success of small- and mid-cap fund comes from identifying high-quality, undervalued companies.

Major Canadian Retailers Receive Resolutions on Sweatshops (01/29)
Shareholders ask for verifiable commitment to better working conditions for supplier and subcontractor employees.

Friends Ivory & Sime Spans the Atlantic with Two New Funds (02/09)
The London-based firm announces a fund invested in the U.S. and one in Europe, both for the U.S. market.

Social Index Funds Show the Way (02/07)
Almost nine years from its launch, Domini Social Equity Fund still leads the pack in terms of performance and raising investor awareness.

Business Ethics Announces Six Social Investment Award Winners (02/04)
Mutual funds and community investment firms gain high honors for both performance and social activism.

SIF Reports on Mutual Fund Performance in 1999 (02/02)
The Social Investment Forum finds strong performance among social investment funds last year, adding credibility to the notion that you can do well while doing good.





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