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Pope Francis Delivers Encyclical on Climate Change (06/20)
The Pope makes explicit the connection between climate action, poverty, and morality, and calls for a radical shift away from current failures and toward an “ecological conversion” instead. First in a two-part series.

Book Review: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, by Naomi Klein (12/01)
The author and activist argues that global trade policies promoting privatization and government austerity have doomed the climate movement thus far, but insists that there is still time for massive public infrastructure programs to address both climate change and inequality.

Third National Climate Assessment Published (05/06)
In its new report, the US Global Change Research Program asserts that the effects of climate change have already become a present day concern, and announces the launch of a website to help Americans receive reliable scientific information.

Book Review: Green Investing: More Than Being Socially Responsible, by J. Patrick Costello (03/10)
The author, a Certified Financial Planner, provides both financial justification for the practice of sustainable investment as well as a primer on investing for the typical investor.

Book Review: Trusting Harvard: The Cost of Unprincipled Investing, by Robert A.G. Monks and Marcy Murninghan (02/08)
Two notable advocates for the practice of sustainable investment—both graduates of Harvard themselves—address the discrepancies between the university's academic mission and the investment policies of its endowment.

Book Review: Engaging Outraged Stakeholders (12/17)
The three authors, who are executives with the nonprofit organization Future 500, counsel for a dispassionate approach to problem solving when corporations and civil society organizations meet.

Book Review: Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power, by Steve Coll (06/25)
In a well-researched investigation into the inner workings of one of the world's largest and most powerful corporations, author Steve Coll details ExxonMobil's efforts to discredit climate science and extract resources in countries ruled by autocrats.

Book Review: Evolutions in Sustainable Investing: Strategies, Funds and Thought Leadership (01/28)
Trucost executive Cary Krosinsky edits a book of essays demonstrating that sustainable investment in an era of growing resource scarcity yields significant opportunities for portfolio outperformance.

Book Review: Dilemmas in Responsible Investment (08/02)
Authors Celine Louche and Steve Lydenberg seek to prepare mainstream investment professionals for navigating the increasingly complex practice of sustainable investment.

Book Review: The Age of Responsibility (07/08)
Author Wayne Visser argues that corporate social responsibility as practiced thus far has failed, and describes a world where CSR practices can contribute to genuine sustainability in meaningful ways.

Book Review-Good Policies For a Great America, published by Opportunity Finance Network (10/06)
A new collection of essays on the impact and possibilities of the opportunity finance industry is a guidebook for the next President and Congress.

Socially Responsible Investing Branches Out Over Asset Classes (12/17)
A handbook published by Boston College's Institute for Responsible Investment outlines how managers can diversify socially responsible investments.

Book Review-World Inc: How the Growing Power of Business is Revolutionizing Profits, People and the Future of Both (08/21)
Author Bruce Piasecki argues that better products will help make a better world as companies face the "S" frontier.

Book Review-A Billion Bootstraps: Microcredit, Barefoot Banking and the Business Solution for Ending Poverty (08/03)
Phil Smith and Eric Thurman offer a primer on microcredit for businesspeople who want the best bang for their charitable bucks.

Book Review--Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (07/13)
Author Hazel Henderson's exhaustive survey of the sustainable business landscape serves as a perfect primer on green economics and tracks lesser-known trends and developments.

Book Review: Deep Economy: The Wealth Of Communities And The Durable Future (05/07)
Author Bill McKibben's latest book helps lay the groundwork to create a more livable and viable world in which less is actually better.

Book Review--The New Capitalists: How Citizen Investors Are Reshaping the Corporate Agenda (03/04)
This book introduces a series of new concepts such as the civil economy, the circle of accountability, and the capitalist manifesto that harness capitalism toward social purpose.

Book Review--Make Poverty Business: Increase Profits and Reduce Risks by Engaging with the Poor (01/09)
The co-authors provide a blueprint for on-the-ground managers of multinational corporations to create sustainable profits and reduce country risk by helping alleviate poverty.

Book Review: Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage (11/20)
The plethora of real-life examples of corporate environmental initiatives is where readers will find value in this book from two authors associated with Yale.

Book Review: The Business Case for Diversity (09/29)
DiversityInc presents compelling anecdotal evidence supporting the business case for diversity as well as copious empirical evidence, some of which is marred by editorial oversights.

Book Review--International Documents on Corporate Responsibility (08/04)
A comprehensive compendium of important codes on corporate social responsibility.

The Pages of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (07/28)
Books addressing climate change dominate the fourth annual Summer Reading List recommended by socially responsible investing and corporate social responsibility leaders.

Book Review--The Triple Bottom Line: How Today's Best-Run Companies Are Achieving Economic, Social, and Environmental Success--And How You Can Too (07/13)
The book lays out a framework for companies to follow on the path toward integrating the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Book Review--Shareholder Participation and the Corporation: A Fresh Inter-disciplinary Approach in Happiness (06/27)
Australian Law Professor James McConvill applies empirical research on happiness to corporations, specifically focusing on the case it makes for shareowner empowerment.

Book Review--Managing the Business Case for Sustainability: The Integration of Social, Environmental, and Economic Performance (06/07)
The book presents a wide breadth of academic and practitioner perspectives on corporate social and environmental sustainability.

Book Review--Values-Driven Business: How to Change the World, Make Money, and Have Fun (04/25)
The first in the Social Venture Network book series provides loads of anecdotal advice on how to establish a values-driven business, but little on how to retain social responsibility in a buy-out.

Book Review--Responsible Investment (03/23)
An impressive and wide-ranging list of contributing writers advance a balance between elucidating the strengths of socially responsible investing while also exposing its weaknesses.

Book Review--Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders in a Global Environment (03/01)
The book maps the landscape of CSR, advocates a strategic approach taking global stakeholders into account, and presents a wealth of case studies to illustrate its points.

Book Review: Economic Apartheid in America: A Primer on Economic Inequality & Insecurity (02/16)
The revised and updated edition of this text (originally published in 2000) examines how excessive executive compensation contributes to the widening gulf between rich and poor.

Book Review--Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism (12/22)
The newest in the Megatrends series advances a framework for conscious capitalism that highlights socially responsible investing.

Book Review--The Challenge to Power: Money, Investing, and Democracy (11/07)
John Harrington compiles voluminous evidence to diagnose what ails modern corporatocracy, and prescribes a comprehensive cure with socially responsible investing playing a key role.

Book Review--The False Promise of Pay for Performance: Embracing a Positive Model of the Company Executive (10/18)
According to James McConvill, the problem with perverse executive compensation is not managerial power, as an earlier book suggests, but rather the very pay for performance system.

Book Review---An Unreasonable Woman: The True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas (09/27)
Shrimper-turned-grassroots environmental activist Diane Wilson transforms her experience fighting corporate toxic emissions into a literary work of art imbued with the rugged beauty of the Texas coast.

Book Review--Profitable Socially Responsible Investing?: An Institutional Investor's Guide (08/04)
An invaluable tool for fiduciaries considering SRI, the book advances original research finding competitive financial performance for positive screening.

Sustainable Summer Reading (06/30)
Experts in the SRI and CSR arenas offer their recommendations for books to take on vacation this summer.

Book Review--The Next Sustainability Wave: Building Boardroom Buy-In (06/10)
Longtime IBM Canada executive authors a sequel book, adding new sustainability drivers and providing a comprehensive tool for convincing management to consider sustainability.

Book Review--The Bhopal Reader: Remembering Twenty Years of the World's Worst Industrial Disaster (05/12)
A collection of primary and secondary sources spanning the twenty-year quest for corporate accountability from Union Carbide and now Dow for the 1984 chemical leak that killed thousands upon thousands.

Book Review--Corporations and the Public Interest: Guiding the Invisible Hand (02/22)
Steve Lydenberg eloquently describes corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment, fields in which he is an expert, and recommends mechanisms to fuel their trajectories.

Book Review--Cause for Success: 10 Companies that Put Profits Second and Came in First (02/09)
The profiles present a wealth of information supporting the claim that corporate social responsibility can enhance profitability, but little information critiquing this claim.

Book Review--Faith and Fortune: The Quiet Revolution to Reform American Business (01/25)
Fortune magazine writer Marc Gunther documents the growing link between spiritual values, which he defines broadly to include sustainability, and business conduct.

Book Review--Capitalism at the Crossroads: The Unlimited Business Opportunities in Solving the World's Most Difficult Problems (12/21)
According to author Stuart Hart, sustainable global enterprise holds the key to reducing poverty, reversing environmental destruction, and even counteracting terrorism.

Book Review--The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profits (11/18)
C. K. Prahalad seeks to solve global poverty by turning the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid from victims of globalization into its beneficiaries through consumerism.

Book Inspires Symposium on How Governance Codifies Excessive Executive Pay (10/14)
The book is written by Harvard Law Professor Lucian Bebchuk and Berkeley Law Professor Jesse Fried, and the Symposium is hosted by Columbia Law School.

Book Review--Corporate Social Opportunity: Seven Steps to Make Corporate Social Responsibility Work for Your Business (09/08)
Book provides extensive real-world examples and hypothetical scenarios to help business people transform corporate responsibility from risks to opportunities.

Handbook Reports on Sustainability Practice in South Africa (08/17)
Trialogue and the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship join forces to create a comprehensive text placing South African sustainability practice in a global context.

Book Review--Raising the Bar: Creating Value with the United Nations Global Compact (07/27)
Primarily a guidebook for companies to navigate Global Compact participation, the book also reports on a study suggesting a Global Compact market premium.

Book Review--Smart Alliance: How a Global Corporation and Environmental Activists Transformed a Tarnished Brand (07/13)
The in-depth story of how the Rainforest Alliance partnered with Chiquita to improve the company’s social and environmental performance through certification.

The Responsible Summer Reading List (07/08)
Fifteen recommended books on corporate sustainability and our general welfare

Book Review--Profits With Principles: Seven Strategies for Delivering Value with Values (06/17)
Pertinent case studies that illustrate corporate social responsibility best practice abound in this well-structured and well-written book.

Book Review--The Best Business Stories of the Year: 2004 Edition (04/09)
Ethics, disclosure, labor relations, executive compensation, and insider trading are among the topics related to socially responsible investment in this collection of business articles.

Book Review--What Matters Most: How a Small Group of Pioneers is Teaching Social Responsibility to Big Business, and Why Big Business is Listening (02/13)
Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey Hollender relates the historical development of socially responsible business, revealing its interconnections and assessing its pros and cons.

Book Review--The Corporate Responsibility Code Book (01/22)
This book is no thriller, but it is indispensable for anyone seeking to grasp the complex landscape of the multitudinous tools that measure corporate social responsibility.

Book Review--True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution (01/14)
Paul Dolan, president of Fetzer Vineyards, promotes sustainable business practices by relating his personal transformation committing to organic growing practices.

Book Review--The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea (12/31)
This new book betrays the promises of its title except in its brevity, according to Peter Kinder, president of KLD Research and Analytics.

Book Review--How Does it Pay to Be Green? (12/12)
An empirical study finds a positive relationship between environmental and economic performance when environmental strategies are factored into business decisions.

Book Review--The Sustainable Company: How to Create Lasting Value Through Social And Environmental Performance (12/02)
A new book makes the business case as well as the moral case for sustainability through socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Book Review--The Soul of Capitalism: Opening a Path to a Moral Economy (11/04)
William Greider’s new book seeks to explain the contradictions between capitalism and social responsibility, and then seeks to reconcile these differences.

Book Review--The Naked Corporation: How the Age of Transparency Will Revolutionize Business (10/08)
In making the business case for corporate transparency, a new book cites studies on the competitive performance of socially responsible investment.

Book Review--24 Days: How Two Wall Street Journal Reporters Uncovered the Lies that Destroyed Faith in Corporate America (09/23)
A new book tells the behind-the-scenes story of Enron's demise and the detective work that revealed the chicanery in Enron's corporate practices and culture.

Book Review--The Planetary Bargain: Corporate Social Responsibility Matters (08/29)
Author Michael Hopkins' ideas about the global spread of corporate social responsibility are obscured by a lack of precision in revising and updating this book that was originally published five years ago.

Book Review--The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century (07/29)
A Yale economist proposes innovative ways to use risk management as a tool to counteract economic inequality and livelihood uncertainties, among other things.

Book Review: Eco-Service Development: Reinventing Supply and Demand in the European Union (06/06)
A new book presents the business case for promoting sustainable development through "eco-services," or the switch from a product-oriented to a service-oriented culture.

Book Review: Saving the Corporate Soul & (Who Knows?) Maybe Your Own (05/29)
A new book recommends a series of corporate reforms that mirror those advocated by the corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment communities.

Book Review: Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists (04/08)
A new book identifies what ails capitalism and proposes a panacea.

Book Review: Socially Responsible Investment: A Global Revolution (03/11)
A new book is generous in its history of socially responsible investing, but it shortchanges readers with its definition of SRI and its coverage of SRI's globalization.

Book Review: Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights (02/21)
A new book by Thom Hartmann states that the nineteenth century Supreme Court case that established corporate personhood did not in fact rule on this issue.

Book Review: The Sustainability Advantage (01/09)
In a new book written for corporate senior executives, a former IBM manager systematically quantifies the business case for sustainability.

Book Review: Cause Marketing (12/18)
A new look at an increasingly used marketing angle may provide lessons for social investors.

National Policy Association Book Advocates Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting (11/13)
A new book published by the National Policy Association makes a series of recommendations to promote global corporate social responsibility, among them triple bottom line reporting.

Book Review: The SRI Advantage (10/11)
In this important new book, author Peter Camejo makes a case for why socially responsible investing strategies lead to higher returns than non-SRI strategies.

Book Review: The Ecology of the New Economy (08/07)
A collection of essays identifies how the new digital economy both upgrades and downgrades the environment without predicting which trend will prevail.

Rio + 10 Series: Book Review--Building Partnerships (06/28)
A new book outlines the benefits and challenges of cooperation between the private sector and the United Nations.

Book Review: Cradle to Cradle (06/11)
William McDonough and Michael Braungart propose a paradigm shift for how the world views product lifespans, moving from a "cradle-to-grave" mentality where products die in a landfill to a "cradle-to-cradle" mentality where they continue to feed production.

Book Review: Corporate Irresponsibility (05/20)
George Washington University law professor and corporate governance expert blames immoral corporate behavior on imperative to maximize stockholder profit.

Book Review: Investing in Separate Accounts (04/11)
A new book extols the merits of separate accounts, which may represent an attractive alternative to mutual funds for institutional investors and high net-worth individuals.

Book Review: Eco-Economy (02/15)
Pioneering environmentalist Lester R. Brown fuses ecological consciousness into economics to create "eco-economy," an economic system that would preserve natural resources while continuing to generate wealth.

Book Review: The Divine Right of Capital (01/22)
Marjorie Kelly argues persuasively for the creation of a new corporate structure, one that puts a priority on those that create wealth, not on those that own the company.

Book Review: Sustainable Finance and Banking (01/09)
New book methodically argues that finance and banking have a significant role to play in achieving sustainability.

Book Review: The Civil Corporation (09/28)
The New Economy brings increased competition, faster dissemination of information and the rise of corporate citizenship.

Book Review: The Future of Success (07/31)
The new economy may be offering unprecedented opportunities and choices, but is making it nearly impossible to live a balanced life.

Book Review: The New Global Investors (07/25)
Robert Monks calls on institutional investors to exercise their rights as shareowners and hold senior managers accountable for company performance and practices.

Book Review: The Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism (05/30)
The fiduciaries of large institutional investors are finding it is in their interest, as shareowners, to urge corporate social responsibility.

Book Review: Sustainable Banking (05/14)
Scholarly collection of perspectives and case studies explores the international financial sector’s role in sustainable development.

Book Review: Tending Your Money Garden (04/18)
Affable guide to personal money management is revised for 2001.

Book Review: The 50 Best Ethical Stocks for Canadians (03/19)
Investment advisor and corporate social research expert pen book on building a socially responsible investment portfolio of individual stocks.

Book Review: Robin Hood Was Right (04/20)
Three leaders in giving for social change provide a primer for tomorrow's philanthropy, taking a hard look at the pitfalls of traditional charity giving.

Book Review: Natural Capitalism (02/17)
Three visionaries give practical steps toward the next industrial revolution, where business is NOT as usual.

Businesses Pool Experience for Guide to Social Performance (01/21)
A recent publication from the Social Venture Network creates a framework for businesses desperately seeking social responsibility.



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