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Community Investing / Housing

Community Capital Management Publishes Annual Impact Report (03/21)
In a webinar, Chief Impact Investment Officer David Sand emphasizes the importance the sustainable fixed income firm places on environmental and social impacts.

Demand for Impact Capital in Southern Africa Faces Challenges (03/07)
The Global Impact Investing Network finds ample opportunities for increased sustainable investment in the region, but acknowledges that challenges to development persist.

New Revenues Will Pay for Sanders' Economic Plan, Economist Says (02/11)
Gerald Friedman, staff economist for the Center for Popular Economics, analyzes the Sanders economic platform and concludes that new revenue streams make the ambitious plan feasible.

Community Capital Management a Top Fund Performer in 2015 (01/23)
The fund tracker Morningstar ranks the performance of the firm's fixed income investment product among the top one percent of 309 funds in the intermediate government category.

Pope Francis Delivers Encyclical on Climate Change (06/20)
The Pope makes explicit the connection between climate action, poverty, and morality, and calls for a radical shift away from current failures and toward an “ecological conversion” instead. First in a two-part series.

Community Capital Management Expands Green Bond Offerings (06/08)
The fixed income investment adviser offers opportunities for sustainable investors to meet their community investment mission.

Community Capital Management Outlines Plans for $100 Million in Rural Development Bonds (03/23)
The Florida based fixed income investment adviser published a report in which it reveals that it plans to invest $100 million in bonds financing rural community development.

Report Analyzes Impact Investing Funds (03/09)
The Global Impact Investing Network reports on more than 300 impact investment funds that direct investments by foundations and high net worth individuals to social and environmental opportunities in North America and emerging markets.

Second Global Sustainable Investment Association Review Published (03/03)
Negative screening persists as the investment strategy most often practiced, but integration of environmental, social, and corporate governance considerations into financial analysis has grown at the fastest rate over the last two years.

Sustainable Assets Up by 76% Since 2012 (11/28)
The biennial Trends Report by US SIF reveals that consideration of environmental, social, and corporate governance factors by money managers has contributed to sustainable assets in the US that now total $6.57 trillion.

Founder of Hope Credit Union Receives 2014 Ned Gramlich Award for Responsible Finance (10/17)
Bill Bynum, CEO of the Mississippi-based Hope Credit Union, is awarded for his efforts to advance economic opportunity in low-income communities.

Only 10% of Distressed Asset Stabilization Loans Require Neighborhood Stabilization (10/10)
A report by the Center for American Progress finds some benefits to homeowners in the Federal Housing Agency program, but recommends that many more be included in the Neighborhood Stabilization pool. Second of a two-part series.

Federal Program Helps Wall Street, not Homeowners (10/08)
Distressed mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration are being sold to the highest bidder without regard to neighborhood stabilization. First of a two-part series.

Three CDFIs receive NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance (09/24)
The annual awards, which focused this year on expanding affordable housing, will presented at the annual meeting of the Opportunity Finance Network in October.

Opportunities for Green Bond Investment Increasing (09/15)
The investment advisory firm Community Capital Management publishes a white paper describing several green bond opportunities that have become increasingly popular among sustainable fixed income investors.

Two Sustainable Investment Funds Reach Milestones (09/04)
Community Capital Management's flagship fixed income fund celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, and the fossil fuel free Green Century Equity Fund reaches $100 million in net assets.

California CDFI First Recipient of Guaranteed Treasury Bond (08/25)
Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution will use the $100 million bond to finance community development projects in California and Nevada.

Wisconsin CDFI Wins 2014 NEXT Seed Capital Award (08/14)
Impact Seven, a nonprofit community development financial institution, wins the unrestricted $100,000 grant for its program for preserving affordable housing in multifamily rental units in rural Wisconsin.

Finalists for Annual CDFI Awards Announced (07/10)
Opportunity Finance Network announces that four community development financial institutions are finalists for $8.25 million in awards provided annually for safe and affordable housing in low-income communities.

Partnerships Between Government and Private Sector Needed to Bring Impact Investing to Scale (06/30)
Citing the Community Reinvestment Act as an example of effective federal support, a report from the US National Advisory Board calls for additional government action to help maximize the impact of community development initiatives.

Community Development Financial Institutions Improve Financial Stability (05/12)
The annual report on the state of the CDFI industry by the National Community Investment Fund anticipates an evolution that will improve revenues and fulfill mission of community development.

Opportunity Finance Network Reports on Starbucks Partnership (05/07)
The national network of community development financial institutions joined with Starbucks in 2011 to form Create Jobs For USA, an initiative to fund sustainable jobs in underserved communities.

Third National Climate Assessment Published (05/06)
In its new report, the US Global Change Research Program asserts that the effects of climate change have already become a present day concern, and announces the launch of a website to help Americans receive reliable scientific information.

Automated Financial Reporting for CDFIs Launched (04/24)
The CDFI Assessment and Ratings System developed by CARS allows community development financial institutions to share quarterly performance data with their investors.

News Briefs for March 20th (03/20)
Green Century Capital Management releases an animated fossil fuel free investing video, and Community Capital Management announces the launch of the CCM Alternative Income Fund.

CDFIs Pledge $1 Billion to Support My Brother's Keeper (03/17)
Opportunity Finance Network launches campaign for $1 billion annually in new financing by community development financial institutions, to benefit low-income, low-wealth, and other disadvantaged communities across America.

Community Capital Management Publishes First Impact Report (02/11)
The Florida-based fixed-income investment adviser reports on its use of proceeds and the social programs financed by its investment activities.

Community Capital Management Commits $200 Million to Community Development (10/12)
The fixed income investment advisory firm announces its first Clinton Global Initiative America commitment, and will invest at least $200 million over the next year to help revitalize low-income communities.

CDFI Fund Awards over $172 Million to Community Development Financial Institutions (10/01)
191 community development financial institutions will use awards from US Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions Fund to provide lending and investments in low-income and economically distressed communities.

Three Community Lenders Awarded $8.25 Million (09/18)
Opportunity Finance Network presents the 2013 Wells Fargo NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance to three community lenders for their pioneering strategies for financial products and services in low-income communities.

Global Impact Investing Network Publishes Guide to ESG Metrics for Investors (09/05)
The Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) is a set of metrics designed to evaluate both a corporation's financial performance and its environmental, social, and governance impacts.

Community Investment Practitioners Urged to Diversify Approaches (08/27)
A new report published by US SIF notes barriers to increased community investment but finds that the industry is poised for expansion if practitioners can diversify products and marketing.

Impact Economy Produces Analysis of Impact Investing (08/20)
The authors identify trends that are likely to encourage an increase in impact investing, but fail to distinguish the definition for it from that of sustainable investing.

US SIF Launches Online Course on Sustainable Investment (04/18)
The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment launches the Center for Sustainable Investment Education and the first online course offering of its kind in the US.

Sustainable Investment Forums Form International Alliance (01/29)
The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, consisting of seven major sustainable membership organizations, publishes a survey of global trends in sustainable investment.

Sustainable Investment Assets Continue Growth in Canada (01/17)
The biennial report by the Social Investment Organization of Canada reveals that sustainable assets under management now represent 20% of the total.

Feds Hand Foreclosure Relief over to Banks (01/08)
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve Board reach an agreement with ten mortgage servicers that will end the Independent Foreclosure Review and instead provide $3.3 billion in direct payments to eligible borrowers.

Community Capital Management Helps Fund Sandy Relief (12/04)
The fixed income investment manager announces that through its CRA Qualified Investment Fund it will dedicate $100 million in assets toward investing in recovery from the hurricane.

US SIF Publishes Biennial Sustainable Investment Trends Report (11/24)
The 2012 Trends Report notes a total of $3.74 trillion in assets allocated to sustainable investment, a 22% increase over a two-year period.

Community Capital Management Invests over $4 Million on Behalf of Sustainable ETF (11/21)
The Florida-based fixed income investment manager, one of the portfolio managers for the AdvisorShares Global Echo exchange-traded fund, invests in projects that promote job creation and provide housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

Founder of New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Wins Responsible Finance Award (10/18)
Juliana Eades, President and founding Executive Director of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, receives the fifth annual Ned Gramlich Award for Responsible Finance from Opportunity Finance Network.

ICCR Ally Succeeds in Bank of America Engagement (10/15)
Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement persuades Bank of America to help homeowners in Virginia county hit hard by mortgage crisis.

Three Community Development Financial Institutions Receive 2012 NEXT Awards (10/09)
Primary Care Development Corporation will receive $4.25 million to expand beyond New York State, while Clearinghouse CDFI and the Corporation for Supportive Housing each receive awards of $2 million.

Muhammad Yunus, Father of Microcredit and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, to Address SRI Conference (09/05)
The founder of the Grameen Bank will be the keynote speaker at October's SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing, which will also feature author Deepak Chopra and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Second of a two-part series.

Rebranded, the SRI Conference Heads East (09/03) talks with Steve Schueth of First Affirmative Financial Network about the history of the conference and the decision to locate it at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut this year. First of a two-part series.

New York City Codifies Climate Change Adaptation (08/31)
The legislation, which will require the city's Climate Change Adaptation Task Force to update its assessment of the effects of climate change every three years, is the first ordinance from a US city to use latest climate science to develop adaptation strategies.

Emerging Markets ESG Updates Database of Contacts (08/18) talks with Geoffrey Mazullo, whose twenty years of involvement with environmental, social, and corporate governance issues in emerging markets have provided him with a wealth of data and contacts compiled in a unique resource.

A Record Amount of Dollars Awarded by CDFI Fund in 2012 (08/14)
Almost $187 million is awarded to 210 community development financial institutions that provide financial services to distressed communities that are often overlooked by mainstream financial institutions.

Finalists for 2012 Wells Fargo NEXT Awards Announced (08/01)
Three community development financial institutions are named as finalists for $8.25 million award to expand affordable housing, health care, or community facilities in distressed markets.

Community Investment Options Increase but Barriers Remain (07/04)
A report from US SIF details an increasing number of community investment options, but low awareness, perceptions of low returns and high risk, and increased regulatory scrutiny remain as barriers to a wider uptake of the practice.

CDFIs Rebound from Financial Crisis (06/13)
The National Community Investment Fund reports that 88 certified community development financial institutions earned a net income of $82 million in 2011, reversing a two-year decline.

Time for Investment in Africa Is Now (06/07)
The second annual Ernst & Young survey of investment in Africa finds a distinct perception gap between the overwhelmingly positive responses of investors already doing business in Africa, and the possibly outmoded views of those who do not.

JP Morgan Chase Holds Annual Meeting Days After $2 Billion Loss (05/17)
A resolution calling for improved corporate governance through separating the roles of Chair and CEO gains 40% of shareowner support.

Shared Interest to Reach More Low-Income South Africans (04/19)
The investment fund's Campaign for the Next Generation seeks to provide opportunities for an additional 500,000 low-income South Africans, while reforming the practice of mainstream banking.

Community Capital Management's Flagship Fund Surpasses $1 Billion in Assets (12/14)
The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Qualified Investment CRA Shares fund, which helps banks meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate, now has over 300 bank shareowners.

Green Retrofits Outpace New Construction for First Time (12/10)
The US Green Building Council says that LEED-certified square footage of existing buildings now exceeds that of new construction.

CDFIs from Maine and Pennsylvania are 2011 NEXT Awardees (10/26)
Coastal Enterprises will expand its Working Partner Initiative, while The Progress Fund will expand and support replication of its Trail Town Program.

Clinton Praises $10 Billion Green Infrastructure Investment (09/24)
The Investment and Training for American Infrastructure, launched by the AFL-CIO and the American Federations of Teachers, commits $10 billion in investment in energy-efficient infrastructure improvement and will train 140,000 workers.

CalPERS to Quadruple Investment in California Infrastructure (09/17)
Pension fund earmarks $800 million for investments of at least $150 million in infrastructure projects that support essential community services.

Sustainable Initiatives Supported by Fixed Income Investing (09/08)
A white paper from Community Capital Management describes five categories of fixed income investments that can support environmental and social goals while providing competitive returns.

Report Surveys Ten-Year Performance of Community Development Banking Institutions (09/05)
The National Community Investment Fund reports that community development banking institutions have risks and returns comparable to mainstream banks, while offering far greater social impact.

Bond Program Will Increase Funding for CDFIs (08/26)
Mark Pinsky of the Opportunity Finance Network talks with about the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program, which will allow community development financial institutions to access $3 billion in guaranteed financing.

Report Details State Legislation Supporting Green Building (08/23)
The US Green Building Council finds that despite widespread concern over budget deficits, at least 30 pieces of legislation addressing green building have been enacted by states in 2011.

Community Development Financial Institutions Anticipate Expanding Services (08/17)
Mark Pinsky of Opportunity Finance Network talks with about the challenges and opportunities of providing financial products and services to low-income communities over the next 15 years.

Community Development Banks: Too Important to Fail (08/06)
The National Community Investment Fund reports that the risks and returns of Community Development Banking Institutions are similar to traditional banks, but that they have far greater social impact.

Finalists for 2011 Wachovia Wells Fargo NEXT Awards are Announced (08/03)
The annual awards are given to community development financial institutions that demonstrate innovative solutions for economically distressed communities and underserved people in the US.

Wealth Gaps Between Whites and Minorities at Record Levels (08/01)
A new study from the Pew Research Center confirms that the recession has had a far greater impact on Blacks and Hispanics than on Whites.

Community Investing Fixed-Income Fund Reaches $1 Billion in Assets under Management (11/22)
Community Capital Management's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Qualified Investment Fund has invested over $3 billion in community development activities.

Investing to Empower Homeowners (07/30)
The Calvert Foundation partners with Habitat for Humanity to offer investors a vehicle to drive homeownership while also receiving a financial return.

Community Reinvestment Fund’s Largest Security Offering Ever (06/15)
Investors fully subscribe CRF’s latest series of community development notes.

Making a Real Difference with Real Estate (02/07)
The Responsible Property Investment movement gathers momentum with the help of the Responsible Property Investment Center and the backing of UNEP FI.

Buying and Selling Loans for the Good of Communities (12/19)
The Community Reinvestment Fund USA offers investors a way to help keep capital flowing into community development organizations.

Giving to the Givers: Honoring Community Development Organizations (12/14)
The Wachovia NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance names ACCION Texas and the Latino Community Credit Union for its 2007 $8.25 million prize.

Equalizing the Economic Playing and Farming Fields (12/05)
Equity Trust invests in farms, non-profits and communities, helping people take charge of their economic futures.

Good Mortgages Still Going to Good People (11/07)
Community development financial institutions and their customers across the country are disproving the idea that low-income people are mortgage risks.

The Subprime Meltdown and SRI: Engage, Avoid, Predict (09/12)
Shareowner activists engaged banks on predatory lending long before the subprime crisis climaxed, and SRI research predicted the meltdown in time to avoid some impacts.

17th and Jackson: Community Development in Action, Turning a Vacant Lot into Affordable Housing and More (09/07)
Non-traditional financing, including an investment by Enterprise Community Investment, funds a green multi-use building in Seattle's Central Area Neighborhood.

JPMorgan Chase Committed to Helping Low- and Moderate-income Communities (08/29)
Reporting in its third year, Chase is on target to invest $800 billion over ten years to benefit low- and middle-income people and neighborhoods.

One and Two Percent Allocations Add Up for Social and Community Development (07/18)
TIAA-CREF allocates 2% of its Social Choice account for proactive social investments and the Social Investment Forum and Co-op America's 1% or More for Community campaign aims to double the amount invested in community development.

Helping Close the Capital Gap in Africa: Two Big Investments in African Microfinance (07/17)
More than half of all South Africans still have no access to banking reports Shared Interest, a non-profit investment fund that guarantees bank loans for South Africa's poorest communities. Many Africans suffer from lack of available capital, where only 7 million of Africa's estimated 940 million people had access to microcredit in 2005, according to the State of Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2006.

MMA Helps People Far and Near With its New OneWorld Community Development Investment Program (07/11)
MMA and the Mennonite Economic Development Associates have created a program for investors to help capital reach poor neighborhoods in the US and abroad.

Wachovia NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance Honor CDFIs (07/05)
Three heavy-hitters come together to support community development financial institutions with $42.5 million pledged over the next five years in grants and loans.

One and Two Percent Allocations Add Up for Social and Community Development (06/18)
TIAA-CREF allocates 2% of its Social Choice account for proactive social investments while the Social Investment Forum and Co-op America's 1% or More for Community campaign aims to double the amount invested in community development.

Proven Community Investment Fund Now Open to All (05/18)
Access Capital Strategies changes the structure of its Community Investing Fund to allow individuals and small institutions to invest in the Fund.

Subprime Lending Hurts Homeowners (04/05)
The Center for Responsible Lending contends that subprime lending has led to a net loss in homeownership.

New Fund for Affordable Housing In Latin America (02/22)
With $100 million pledged from OPIC, the Alsis Latin America Fund supports home construction and local capital markets in Latin America.

Merrill Lynch Uses CDFI Assessment and Ratings System on $93 Million Community Investment (11/08)
While many investors use the CARS ratings as secondary information in their community investment decisions, Merrill Lynch will use it as its primary underwriting tool.

Survey Reveals TIAA-CREF Investor Desire to Up Commitment to SRI (07/17)
TIAA-CREF promises to respond to participants, of whom over three-quarters prioritize social and environmental considerations in investing choices.

Why Do Minorities Receive More Subprime Mortgages? Can You Say, Kickback? (06/14)
A new Center for Responsible Lending study shoots holes in industry rationale that bad credit histories of African-Americans and Latinos account for disproportionate subprime mortgages.

The Numbers--and the Stories Behind Them--on Community Development Financial Institutions (06/02)
CDFI Data Project recently released the most comprehensive report on the CDFI industry, with statistics documenting CDFI growth and case studies illustrating positive social impacts.

Enterprise Social Fund First to Tap Corporate Community for Community Investing (04/12)
The fund partners Enterprise Community Partners, which will manage the portfolio, with Deutsche Bank, which will seek investment from socially responsible companies and individuals.

Common Good Bank Advances One Branch of Community Investing Evolution (04/05)
The bank promotes the common good by distributing excess profits to the community and by making all lending and spending decisions through participatory democracy.

Thirty Years and Counting: Cofounder Wayne Silby Recounts the Birth of Calvert (03/18)
To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Calvert, speaks with co-founder Wayne Silby about its genesis, development, and future.

Social Investment Forum Trends Report Tracks Rises and Falls of Socially Responsible Investing (01/26)
The 2005 report documents increases since 2003 in assets overall in SRI, in SRI mutual funds, and in shareholder advocacy, but decreases in overall screened assets and in screened separate accounts.

Socially Responsible Investing Advances Anti-Racism in Helping Rebuild New Orleans (12/12)
In addition to supporting community investment and leveraging influence through shareowner advocacy, social investors can help rebuild in the aftermath of Katrina by naming root problems.

Community Development Financial Institutions Spread Like Wild Grass in Indian Country (10/25)
First Nations Oweesta Corporation serves as a national umbrella organization providing the structural framework and organizational support to fuel current exponential Native CDFI growth.

Scaling Community Investment: Report Addresses Growth in Community Development Finance (10/19)
An Aspen Institute report serves as the basis of a series of conferences at regional federal reserve banks on how to best scale up community investment.

Rising Oil Prices Fuel Investment Returns in Renewable Energy for New Alternatives Fund (10/14)
The first environmental mutual fund is also globalizing its reach to capitalize on innovative developments in alternative energies in other countries.

Changing of the Guard: Vanguard Pulls a Switcheroo on SRI Index Providers (10/06)
Vanguard is swapping the benchmark for its socially responsible investing index fund from the Calvert Social Index to the FTSE4Good US Select Index.

Community Investment Bridges the Gap from Destitution to Restitution After Hurricane Katrina (09/20)
Predominantly low-income African Americans were barred from crossing the bridge out of New Orleans, but now community development bridge loans are spanning the gulf back to stability.

Arthur D Little Study Identifies Trends in Sustainability Innovation (08/10)
The report finds increasing corporate commitment to sustainability innovation, though it demonstrates room for more growth.

Oneida Nation Loan to Lakota Fund Marks First Intertribal Community Development Financing (07/20)
While the World Bank Global Fund for Indigenous Peoples covers only developing nations and socially responsible investors have yet to support the Lakota Fund, a fellow tribe fills gap.

TIAA-CREF Creates New Director of Social Investing Post But Refrains From Some SRI Strategies (07/15)
TIAA-CREF enhances its proxy voting and practices some community investment, but finds obstacles to supporting community development financial institutions and SRI venture capital.

Mount Holyoke First US College to Dedicate Fund Exclusively to Community Investment (06/14)
While other schools have devoted some funds to community investment, this move by the Massachusetts-based women's college sets precedent and may lead to its use of other SRI strategies.

LISC Commits $300 Million to Preserve Affordable Housing for Low-Income Earners (05/18)
The Local Initiatives Support Corporation will work with its affiliates, the National Equity Fund and the Community Development Trust, to counteract expiration of affordable housing subsidies.

CARS Hits the Road: First Seven Community Development Financial Institutions Rated (04/15)
The National Community Capital Association CDFI Assessment and Rating System has another 11 ratings in the works, and expects to by fully operational by 2007.

Wanted: Socially Responsible Real Estate Investments (03/18)
An academician searches for socially responsible real estate investment trusts, finding few that fit the definition, as well as disagreement over what criteria define SRI REITs.

US Representatives Introduce Anti-Predatory Mortgage Lending Bill (03/15)
The bill, based on an effective North Carolina anti- predatory lending law, and is supported by anti-predatory lending activists such as the Center for Responsible Lending and Fair Finance Watch.

Community Credit Union Brings Hope to Low-Income Residents of the Mississippi Delta (03/03)
Hope Community Credit Union launched a $15 million initiative supported by corporate investment and New Markets Tax Credits to promote economic justice in the Mid-South.

Bush Budget Ghettoizes 18 Community Development Programs, Slashing Their Funds (02/16)
Community development advocates criticize the proposed budget for fiscal year 2006, as the consolidated programs will have to compete with one another for a smaller pool of funds.

Academic Study Links Predatory Lending to Increased Risk of Foreclosure (02/08)
Prepayment penalties increase the risk of foreclosure by 20 percent, while balloon payments raise the risk to almost 50 percent, according to the University of North Carolina study.

Community Investment Surpasses the $1 Billion Mark at The Rock (02/03)
The Prudential Financial Social Investment Program, one of the oldest community investment programs in the country, has distributed more than $1 billion before its 30th anniversary.

Calvert Foundation Community Investment Notes Go Electronic (01/27)
For the first time, individual and institutional investors will be able to support community investment in the same way they transact most other investments--via computer.

Top Five Socially Responsible Investing News Stories of 2004 (01/11)
Shareowner engagement shifted from confrontational to collaborative, sustainability analysis fused with financial analysis, and fiduciary duty expanded to include social and environmental issues.

Bushwick Cooperative Federal Credit Union Democratizes Financial Service in Brooklyn (12/23)
This three-and-a-half year-old community development credit union fills the gap left vacant by formal sector financial institutions, empowering members through financial education.

Is CRA the Right Remedy for Race-Based Disparity in Mortgage Lending? (10/29)
A new study finds significant disparity between lending to minorities versus whites, but a Community Reinvestment Act expert questions the focus on CRA as the cure.

FDIC Proposes Rule Watering Down Community Reinvestment Act Requirements (10/19)
The website promotes opposition to the rule change, posting information and a sample letter to file with the FDIC before the end of the comment period tomorrow.

Blueberries, Bats, and Barns: How Community Investing Aids Small Family Farms (09/29)
The Community Investing Program of the Social Investment Forum and Co-op America honors nine community investment organizations for assisting small family farms.

CRAFund Goes Retail (08/10)
Formerly available only to institutional investors, the Community Reinvestment Act Qualified Investment Fund is now available to individuals through Charles Schwab.

Assets in CDFIs Grew Twice as Fast as Those in Commercial US Banks (07/20)
A new study of community development financial institutions highlights several key distinctions between CDFIs and mainstream financial institutions.

Community Investment Benefits Middle Income Earners in Los Angeles (06/25)
The Genesis Workforce Housing Fund develops the first institutional investor-backed project promoting home-ownership for middle-income earners in the US.

Community Investment Institutions Managed By and Benefiting African Americans (06/16)
Generations Community Credit Union, Carver Bancorp, and UrbanAmerica are three African American managed community investment institutions.

Sarona Supports Microfinance To Help Alleviate Poverty in Developing Regions (06/03)
The Sarona Global Investment Fund finances starch processing in Paraguay, a foundation supporting small enterprises in Romania, and a savings and loan cooperative in Haiti.

Matchmaker Boosts FDIC Limit to $5 Million for Community Development Banks (05/18)
A new system allows community development banks to trade portions of deposits, upping the amount covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to $5 million.

Community Foundations and Community Investment: An Obvious But Underused Link (04/23)
The Vermont Community Foundation recently broke new ground by launching a first-of-its-kind community investment program with the support of the Calvert Foundation.

Study Finds Loans to Low-Income Borrowers No More Risky than Conventional Loans (02/25)
Research released yesterday finds that community development financial institutions serving low-income clients have a lower rate of loan write-offs than mainstream banks.

The Leviticus Fund Helps Shelter the Homeless and Provide Care for Children (02/05)
In its third decade, the Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund lending program continues to grow and now offers a return for social investors.

Community Investment Advocates Question Bank of America/FleetBoston Merger (01/23)
Bank of America is responding to critics of its proposed merger with FleetBoston.

Top Five Social Investing News Stories of 2003 (12/19)
The major social investing news stories of the year include SEC reforms, stock exchanges mandating social, environmental, and corporate governance practices, and climate risk assessment defined as a fiduciary duty.

US Community Investment Assets Nearly Double Over the Past Two Years (12/10)
Community development financial institution assets rise 84 percent from 2001 to 2003, making community investment the fastest growing segment of socially responsible investing.

From Pallet Shacks to Cinderblock Homes: Microfinance Loans on the Mexican Border (12/04)
CHF/Mexico addresses an acute housing shortage by providing technical assistance and affordable loans to low-income families.

As, Bs, and Cs: New Rating Tool Grades Community Development Financial Institutions (11/11)
The National Community Capital Association launches CARS: the CDFI Assessment and Ratings System.

SRI Money Market Accounts Earn Competitive Financial Returns (09/24)
In addition to offering social and environmental returns, socially responsible investing money market accounts generate competitive financial returns compared to their non-SRI counterparts.

Community Investment Bond Helps House the Learning Disabled in the UK (09/09)
The UK arm of Triodos Bank issues a bond that supports Golden Lane Housing, a UK charity that provides housing to people with learning disabilities.

Domini Social Bond Fund Supports Community Development Financial Institutions (08/06)
The Domini Social Bond Fund allocates almost seven percent of its assets to CDFIs while also performing like a classic intermediate-term bond fund.

The Needmor Fund Utilizes a Muscular Definition of Fiduciary Responsibility (08/05)
Susan Stranahan, treasurer of the Needmor Fund, discusses socially responsible investing as a fiduciary duty and tier A money managers who have a social mission.

Foundation Begins to Reconcile Investments with Programs (07/22)
The Fetzer Institute uses screens and community investment to align a small portion of its assets with its social and environmental goals.

Philadelphia Innovates Solutions to Predatory Lending for Low- and Middle-Income Homeowners (07/17)
Two programs supported by the city of Philadelphia help low- and middle-income homeowners exposed to predatory lending when seeking loans to rehabilitate their houses.

Federal Credit Union and Nonprofits Go 50-50 on Loans to Low-Income Individuals (03/04)
Alternatives Federal Credit Union's Community Partnership Lending program doubles the amount of money nonprofits can loan to underserved communities.

Calvert Foundation Offers Community Investment in Self-Directed IRAs (02/13)
The Calvert Foundation has partnered with PENSCO Trust Company to offer Calvert Community Investment Notes for use in self-directed individual retirement accounts.

NeighborWorks Network Helps Low-Income Families (01/30)
The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation operates the NeighborWorks Network, a coalition of local organizations that provide community investment loans to low-income residents.

Green Banking (01/23)
Ten exemplary "green banking" enterprises were honored recently, highlighting the growth of environment-friendly community investing.

Top Five Social Investing News Stories of 2002 (01/14)
The major social investing news stories of the year include significant corporate governance reforms and the success of community investment.

Investment in Affordable Housing Generates Market-beating Returns (01/06)
CalPERS' highest returning investment category over the last ten years is its Single Family Housing Program. The pension giant is not the only institutional investor that has had success with community investing.

Community Investment Pays: More Conversation with F.B. Heron's Luther Ragin (12/30)
Luther Ragin details F.B. Heron Foundation's returns on its community investments and urges other foundations and institutional investors to consider community investing (part two of a two-part article).

Helping People Help Themselves: A Conversation with F.B. Heron's Luther Ragin (12/27)
Luther Ragin explains why and how the F.B. Heron Foundation commits a whopping 18 percent of its total assets toward community investment projects (part one of a two-part article).

A Tribute to Chuck Matthei, Community Investing Trailblazer (12/24)
At a time of year when many people give thanks for their gifts, the SRI community continues to reflect on Chuck Matthei's numerous contributions to community investing.

Freddie Mac's SHIP Sails Over the Stormy Seas of the Bear Market (11/27)
The Socially Responsible Housing Investment Program (SHIP) run by Freddie Mac earns positive returns while supporting low-income housing.

Community Investing Pays (10/10)
New study refutes the myth that loans to low-income borrowers carry higher risk than loans to conventional borrowers.

Innovative Community Investment Fund Attracts Institutional Investors (10/02)
The CRA Qualified Investment Fund, originally established to help banks fulfill a federal mandate for community investment, now appeals to a broader range of institutional investors.

CDVCA's Double Bottom Line (09/13)
By investing capital in low-income communities, community development venture capital funds create jobs and foster economic development.

SRI Income Funds Yield Competitive Dividends (08/22)
Often overlooked, SRI income funds allow social investors to diversify their portfolios.

NCCED Supports CDCs (08/13)
The National Congress for Community Economic Development is helping community development corporations operate more effectively and expand their services.

Conference to Consider the Business Case for SRI (07/29)
Institutional investors will discuss SRI at the Green Mountain SRI Summit, to be held in Stowe, Vermont in September.

New PRI Opportunity Garners Flexible Capital for Award-Winning Community Development Corporations (06/25)
Calvert Foundation has created a well-structured program related investment (PRI) opportunity that for the first time allows funders to buy-into a PRI Offering, combining strong credit quality and convenience with significant community impact.

Minnesota Bank Puts Community Investment Accounts on Equal Footing (06/19)
University Bank offers accounts that support projects in economically distressed communities and deliver the same interest rates as traditional accounts.

New Markets Tax Credit Rewards Community Investment (06/17)
Over the next seven years, the U.S. Treasury Department will allocate $15 billion in tax credits to investors who support qualifying community investments.

Financing Rural Western Community Infrastructure (04/23)
The Rural Community Assistance Corporation helps people in the western United States build homes, strengthen small communities and create environmental infrastructure.

New Organization Demands Good Returns from Charitable Investments (02/21)
New intermediary organization will act as a clearinghouse for information on the financial and social strengths of charitable organizations for social investors.

One Percent Community Investing Campaign Gains Momentum (01/29)
MMA Praxis places 1 percent of its assets in community investments, indicating continued overall growth of community investing.

Florida Community Loan Fund Brings Sunshine to Low-income Communities (01/02)
A wide lending focus helps the Florida Community Loan Fund provide the necessities of life throughout Florida.

Calvert Foundation Launches Donor Advised Fund (10/22)
With a $5,000 minimum, the Calvert Giving Fund enables many investors to reap the multiple benefits of having a donor advised fund.

Strengthening Communities in Massachusetts and the Northeast (10/16)
Boston Community Capital offers investors opportunities to provide loans and equity for affordable housing, community infrastructure and business start-ups.

Property Flipping Remediation Yields Investment-grade Security (10/10)
Refinancing plan for victims of property flipping in Minneapolis includes mortgage-backed securities for institutional investors (part two of a two-part article).

Property Flipping Robs Homeowners of Money and Credit (10/09)
Community non-profit organizations, private companies, government officials and others cooperate to help victims of a complex predatory lending scheme in Minneapolis (part one of a two-part article).

ShoreBank Surpasses $1 Billion in Community Development Investment (10/01)
Nation's oldest and largest community development bank passes milestone in serving distressed inner-city neighborhoods.

Building a Vibrant Arkansas (08/24)
Southern Development Bancorporation focuses on developing Arkansas' rural economies by investing in its people, businesses and real estate.

Community Investment As a Means of Competitive Advantage (08/10)
Ford Foundation report illustrates how companies are finding investment in rural and urban markets to be good business.

Vermont Benefits from Socially Responsible Banking Program (08/01)
Regional bank brings socially responsible banking and investing to the Green Mountain State.

ICE Preserves Affordable Housing (07/23)
The Institute for Community Economics (ICE) works with groups around the country to create and support community land trusts, organizations that ensure a long-term supply of affordable housing.

LIHF Helps Families Out of Poverty (07/02)
The Low Income Housing Fund, one of the country's largest community development financial institutions, helps people gain stability and hope.

Budget Proposal Threatens Huge Cut in CDFI Fund (06/28)
House and Senate subcommittees will soon be looking at a Bush budget proposal that cuts CDFI Fund funding by nearly half.

Helping People on the Plains (06/15)
Regional community development organization in South Dakota provides a variety of needed resources and services to farmers, Native Americans and others.

Manna Inc. Helps Families Find Homes (05/25)
The non-profit developer works to create affordable for-sale homes for low- and moderate-income families in Washington D.C.

Rural Housing Organization Reaches Milestone (05/22)
The Housing Assistance Council celebrates 30 years of helping local organizations build affordable homes in rural America.

Louisville Community Development Bank Focuses on Inner City Neighborhoods (05/08)
Unique bank helps turn pockets of despair into pockets of hope.

Jewish Foundation Promotes Community Development (04/27)
Jewish individuals and organizations are supporting communities through investments in community development financial institutions.

Bank of America Invests in Affordable Housing (04/11)
Funding of a non-profit syndicator of federal tax credits is part of a 10-year, $350 billion commitment to community development banking.

Mutual Fund Breaks New Ground in Community Investment (03/21)
The CRA Qualified Investment Mutual Fund now allows investors to direct their money to specific communities.

Shorebank Offers National Banking with Community Impact (05/24)
The oldest and largest community development bank in the U.S., Shorebank is uniquely positioned to be the bank of social investors.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Brings a Merry Christmas to Concord Family (12/22)
The Home of Your Own Program offers the dream of ownership to low-income families dealing with developmental disabilities.




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