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June 02, 2014
Four Sustainability Professionals Inducted into ISSP Hall of Fame
    by Robert Kropp

Launched in 2011, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals Hall of Fame seeks to acknowledge individual contributions to the advance of sustainability.

I consider it a marker of the growth of sustainability that until I received a press release from the organization in my inbox, I hadn't known that the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) existed. I've written some 1,500 news articles for over the past six years, and in the early days had to scour news feeds and other websites at times to come up with a story. No longer: sustainability is no longer the province of a limited number of financial professionals and activist nonprofits. It is the mainstream, and its influence can only grow in an era of multiple crises.

Since 2011, ISSP, which describes itself as “a nonprofit, member-driven association of professionals who are committed to making sustainability standard practice,” has been inducting into its Hall of Fame “individuals who have made significant contributions to sustainability and to the professionals who dedicate their careers to the field of sustainability.”

“The ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame acknowledges those people that have contributed the most to the emerging field of sustainability,” Marsha Willard, ISSP board member and founder, said. “It honors those that have given their time, their knowledge, their creativity and their hard work to blazing the trail for other professionals to follow.”

Four individuals have been inducted in 2014. Susan Burns, CEO of Global Footprint Network, has built that organization “into one of the leading and most respected scientific organizations in the world addressing global ecological limits,” ISSP stated. The nonprofit advocates for the use of the Ecological Footprint to measure the demands placed on nature by human activity.

Jeffrey Hollender, Founder and CEO of Hollender Sustainable Brands and co-founder of Seventh Generation, a leading natural products brand, is also Adjunct Professor of sustainability and social entrepreneurship at New York University and co-founder and Board Chair of the American Sustainable Business Council.

Joel Makower is Chairman and Executive Editor of GreenBiz Group, an online media outlet dedicated to helping corporations integrate sustainability into their business operations. He is also author of more than a dozen books, including Strategies for the Green Economy, published in 2008.

Mathis Wackernagel, also of the Global Footprint Network, is co-creator of the Ecological Footprint, “which measures how much nature we use and how much nature we have, as a tool for bringing ecological limits to the center of decision-making everywhere,” according to ISSP.


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