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May 30, 2012
Clean Energy Initiatives on the Increase in Many States
    by Robert Kropp

The third annual State Clean Energy Index from Clean Edge ranks California first among states in its adoption of such indicators as electricity generation from renewable sources and deployment of hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Clean Edge, a research and advisory firm devoted to the clean-tech sector, has published its third annual State Clean Energy Index, in which the 50 states are ranked according to their adoption of clean energy initiatives.

The clean energy indicators tracked by Clean Edge include total electricity produced by clean-energy sources, the number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road, clean-energy venture and patent activity, and policy regulations and incentives.

"Against the backdrop of partisan attacks and general inaction within Congress, the state-level scene shows a diversity that crosses political boundaries and regions," Clean Edge managing director Ron Pernick said.

For the third consecutive year, California is the top-ranked state. "During 2011, California led the nation in almost every measure of market expansion including new wind and solar capacity, deployment of hybrid and all-electric vehicles, and registration of new green buildings," according to the report. "California's most commanding example of leadership is its attraction of venture capital California-based clean-energy startups brought in nearly $9 billion in investments over the last three years, enough to surpass the sum of activity in all 49 other states."

Rounding out the top five states are Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, and Colorado. Washington broke into the top five with a nine-point increase in its overall ranking, due in large part to generating 84% of its in-state electricity generation from low-carbon sources.

Additional highlights from this year's report include six states now generating more than ten percent of their utility-scale electricity from wind, solar, and/or geothermal; two million hybrid cars, and 50,000 all-electric vehicles, registered in the US; and 29 states and Washington DC now having renewable portfolio standards that account for two-thirds of total generating capacity in the US.

Clean Edge also produces three stock indexes that benchmark the clean-tech sector. The NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy (CELS) index tracks US-listed clean-energy companies; the NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge Global Wind Energy Index (QWND) tracks global wind power companies; and the NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index (QGRD) tracks smart grid and grid infrastructure companies.


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